Swift 1 - Download Xcode and start your first iPhone app

Do you have an idea for an iPhone app?

How many days have you been alive? You can make an app for that!

iPhone App Checklist

  1. Download Xcode 6 (2.5GB)
  2. Learn how Xcode works
  3. Make your first app

Download Xcode 6

Xcode is an app, like Word, that you use to make iPhone apps. It's an integrated development environment (IDE), which organizes your code files and image resources for your apps. It also has tools that allow you to track down and fix bugs (bugs mean 1 star reviews).

Download Xcode 6 from the Swift Developer website

After iOS 8 is released, you’ll be able to grab the latest copy from the Mac App Store.

What is Swift?

Swift is the new programming language from Apple, and it replaces the 31 year old language called Objective-C.

If you have never learned a programming language, or how to write code, Swift is the best place to start.

Swift runs your apps faster, it helps protect you from writing buggy code, and it requires less typing than Objective-C. Swift is the new standard for iOS apps. If you want to make apps for Apple’s ecosystem, you need to learn Swift now.

Watch the Xcode download video


Complete Swift iPhone Course

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The way Paul explains things is perfect for my tell, show, do, review learning style. This is something I never thought I’d get into and I am enjoying thoroughly!
— Dan Texter