About iPhone Games with Sprite Kit Course

This course, launching on January 26th, is designed to teach students all of the skills that they will need to successfully create an indie game in 31 days. To incite passion but also ensure that this course is approachable, flexible, and manageable, it utilizes the following teaching methods:

  • Twenty 5-15 minute daily lecture videos
  • Daily coding exercises for practice
  • Weekend game development challenges
  • Five-day final game competition
  • Daily Q&A videos answering most frequently asked questions
  • An active course forum where students can learn from each other 

Course Topics

  • Sprite Kit with Swift
  • Physics and collisions
  • Animations
  • Game mechanics and movement
  • SFX with particle effects
  • Menus and screen transitions
  • Scores, Game Center, and leaderboards
  • In-app purchases for digital items

Setting this Course Apart

This course evolved out of a Kickstarter campaign where Solt reached nearly five times his funding goal. Students will create a multitude of games throughout this course. Additionally, Solt has done everything possible to create a dynamic and an engaging course that provides unique insights and experiences such as:

  • Solt doesn’t want students to feel that a lack of art or music keeps them from creating their high quality, ideal indie game. Thus, royalty-free art and music will be available for students to utilize throughout the creation of the games in this course and in future endeavors. 
  • Solt creates daily Q&A videos that answer students’ most frequently asked questions and ensures they are moving forward.
  • Solt ignites passion first by allowing students to unleash possibilities and see their creation on the screen. Then, secondarily he teaches them how and why everything works for a deeper understanding.
  • This course is flexible and students can do it on their own time and schedule while having access to all the course materials. Students can begin this course anytime (even after the January 26th start date) and be able to do it at their own pace.

Course Requirements

About the Teacher

Paul Solt is an iPhone expert and a former Apple employee who is truly passionate about helping students further their goals and produce high quality games for the App Store. As someone who has created six iPhone/iPad Apps himself, and is also an adjunct professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology, he has dedicated his career to helping students reach their goals in app and game development and become excited about future possibilities. 

He has also launched several iOS apps of his own such as: Bomb Dodge, PhotoTable, Photo Artwork Evolution, Wallpaper Evolution, and Wallpaper Evolution Lite.