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I'm excited to share a new App Design Course from Jeremy Olson, who started Tapity. Their iPhone apps have been featured prominently on the App Store, and they get how to work it.

Making an app is more than just programming. Programming is a big part, but by itself it's not going to make your app successful. There's a process that goes into making an app – it starts with an idea.

When you have an idea for app you need to flesh it out, and that's where the new App Design Course can help you reflect and think about your idea.

App ideas need revision and iteration to make them better. If you want to develop an award winning app, you're going to have to start thinking like someone who's already successful.

The course that Jeremy launched is something that you can't find anywhere else. Not only does it have his expert advice from selling three successful apps, but he's interviewed some of the leading experts on the App Store.

You'll also get to learn from Mark Kawano (Storehouse, former Apple UX Evangelist), Ellis Hamburger (The Verge), Rene Ritchie (iMore), and Marc Edwards (Bjango).

If you want to make a great app, you'll need to learn how to approach the entire process from idea to app marketing.

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You can save so much time using this skill...

There is one thing that I don't teach. I don't teach it because I'm not an expert, but I have a friend, Maxime, who does teach it.

Learning to code is just part of the puzzle when you make an iPhone app. 

If you approach app development without any foundation in design, then you can waste a ton of time and money building the wrong app.

After talking with Maxime, he agreed to provide a great deal on his comprehensive course. Maxime teaches the best-selling course called Mobile App Design from Scratch

If you're developing a mobile app, you need to understand how to design it, and Maxime's class is a great foundation. His course will teach you a complete workflow that will take you from your idea to a fully designed app ready to be coded. 

He'll teach you how to use fantastic design software (not Photoshop!) and all the design concepts you need to know. 

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I'll be honest...

I don't promote things that I don't love. 

I LOVE the design tool that Maxime teaches. You can learn about it in his complete design course.

It has been a HUGE time saver in the production of my apps and games and I know that you will appreciate it as much as I have. 

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