Logitech c930 vs Logitech c920 web camera review - Amazing web cameras for online teaching on Teachable

If you teach online courses and want a camera with an incredible focus distance for detailed work, you need to get the c930 from Logitech.

Focal distance is insane compared to my Canon 6D DSLR (30x the price!) with the c930. And it auto focuses super fast.

It's a super wide angle lens and it gives you more creative freedom to get close to your work with a configurable mini-tripod mount from Joby.

Watch the c930 in action

Logitech c930 super close auto focus and wide angle lens.

Both cameras are 1080p and look stellar with auto focus and can focus within ~2 cm. Super FUN!

And if you teach online, make sure you use Teachable.com to host all your videos + payment with Paypal + Credit Cards!  

It's so easy, so much better than Skillshare or Udemy!

Bug alert: sometimes I've noticed the c930 will bug out and skip frames... close the app using it and reopen the app on Mac and it seems to get normal again