Learn How to Program Apps for iPhone and iPad

I am publishing a video series designed for non-programmers and people who have never taking a computer science class. In these videos you will learn how to program apps for iPhone and iPad. These videos will introduce concepts and will reinforce the reading materials.

Reading Materials

The Big Nerd Ranch books are by far the best resource for learning iPhone development. The writing style is designed for beginners. The Objective-C book is great if you've never done C, C++, Java, or Python programming. (Don't worry if you don't know any of these "languages"). Save money and get kindle version to read everywhere.

Big Nerd Ranch Books

  1. Objective-C Programming
  2. iOS Programming

Beginner Videos

#1 Reading Code

#2 Variables

#3 Xcode

#4 Types


Check back for updates as I upload more videos to help break down the mystery of app development. If you start watching and reading about iPhone apps you'll be able to start making them with a little practice.

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