Build iPhone Apps on Windows with

Do you have a Windows PC and want to experiment with iPhone app development?

Affordable Virtual Mac in Web Browser

If buying a new/used Mac computer isn't an option this year, you can try to borrow a Mac or use a service called Mac in Cloud. This cloud service allows you to use the Google Chrome web browser or Microsoft's Desktop Remote to connect to a Mac that's in a data center. 

Want to Switch to Mac?

Are you considering switching away from Windows or Linux?

I used to be a die-hard Windows user. I built many computers from scratch and maintained a computer network at home. It was a great learning experience, but there was always something to fix. In 2008 I decided to try a Macbook Pro because you could install Windows on them. I think it was one of the best decisions I've made because it opened so many doors. (Later that year I had an internship at Apple Inc.) 

I think Mac computers are a great alternative to Windows PC's and here's why.

  1. More reliable and better support (AppleCare has replaced my iPad and Macbook at no service charge)
  2. Simplified menus and options
  3. Sexy and sturdy product design
  4. Mac trackpads are far more comfortable and responsive (2-finger scrolling is awesome)
  5. Videos, pictures, and document previews just work with the operating system. You can browse content faster without installing software bloat.

Already use a Mac?

What were your top 3 reasons for switching? Any tips for non-Mac users?