iOS 8 and Swift

Do you want to learn how to create your first iPhone app?

Did you hear about Apple's modern programming language called Swift?

Do you want to publish iPhone apps on the App Store?

Do you have an app idea?

The app world is super exciting. You can learn how to create an app and sell it around the world (or give it away for free as a portfolio piece). Together using iOS 8 and Swift you can create apps or games for your iPad or iPhone.

I struggled to learn how to make apps a few years ago. I know how hard it can be to learn, which is why I created online video courses that are self-paced. These courses will walk you through the process of creating your first app and will give you developer insight and best practices.

Imagine yourself designing your user interface with a drag and drop editor and writing a few lines of code to accept online payments. That's the power of iPhone apps. You can make something quickly and sell it.

Xcode 6 is the design tool that you'll use for both user interface (UI) layout and coding. It'll provide feedback on your code and help you fix things when they break (ever seen an iPhone app crash to the home screen?).

Where to learn Swift?

There are many different places to learn how to make iPhone apps. You could learn for free online or you could spend a ton of money for a college course.

If you want to learn for free online you'll find a lot of tutorials and code samples that just don't work anymore (i.e.: google it). But, since you're not an expert you're going to have to spend more time trying to figure out why the tutorial doesn't work (don't pull out all of your hair!).

ou can find lots of tutorials that show you what to do, but most of the time they're outdated. Apple has been moving fast – they've added new APIs and removed old APIs. They've even changed the languages over the years with breaking changes.

There's a time/cost tradeoff to learning.

Free resources will make you spend more time learning, and you'll be learning at a slower pace.

If time is important you're going to want to pay for something that can help you learn more effectively. You might want to consider a college course at your local university.

I taught an iPhone app course at RIT as an Adjunct Professor in the computer science department (it costs $4,836 for 16 weeks). That's a fast way to spend a ton of money.

A college course could set you back around $1,200 per month, and you wouldn't even learn Swift or iOS 8 (they're too new and still evolving).

I wish I could recommend college courses, but I'd argue that you're wasting both time and money. Colleges and universities are usually 1-2 years behind when it comes to cutting edge technologies like Swift and iOS 8.

Your next alternative would be a 1 week or a 12 week intensive onsite bootcamp. These intensive courses range from $5,200/week to $15,000/12 weeks.

Bootcamps are great options where you'll be surrounded by instructors 24/7, but they cost a fortune. 

Instead of wasting time with free resources, learning out of date materials at a university, or sinking tons of money into something you're not set on – you could learn from an online iPhone app course.

If you are interested in learning iOS development, but you don't want to make it a big time commitment you should try an online course.

Online courses are going to change the way you learn. 

Complete iPhone Course Bundle

I teach modern online iPhone app courses.

These iOS development courses are designed for beginners who want to make an iPhone app.

In my Complete iPhone Course Bundle you'll learn UI design, layout, code, storyboarding, and customizing your apps.

There are 10 courses in the Complete iPhone Course Bundle with 80 hours of content (that's 2 college courses).

You can checkout my credentials on my About page. To summarize, I've worked for Apple and Microsoft. I published 6 apps on the App Store and I have taught thousands of students on Udemy, Skillshare, and

Signup for my course (30 day refund policy) and you can start making your first iPhone app today. You don't have to wait for a college course to start or sift through out-dated free iOS tutorials.

Click the course image to signup for $49/month. That's a huge difference in price compared to $5,200/week at a bootcamp!


Thousands of students have tested the materials and have built working iPhone apps. If you want to build your first app you'll want to subscribe.

If the thought of a monthly/annual subscription isn't an option for you, I also offer the courses for a single price individually. Take a look at the course list.

Instead of learning in a vacuum you can learn with others in an online community.

When you subscribe to the course bundle you'll join the online community forums where you can connect with other students learning to make iPhone apps.

Read what some of your peers have said:

Great course by the way!! - DylanDylan Wichman
I've been following through your tutorials and they are great. I just updated Xcode to 6.1. I have only made to your calculator app so far and had it working no problem last night. - Brick
From what I’ve seen so far you are rocking it! And I’ve enjoyed your lectures so far. -Jason

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