I've taught thousands of people online how to start making iPhone apps. Rather than listen to me, read what real people have to say about their experiences. 

"The way Paul explains things is perfect for my tell, show, do, review learning style. This is something I never thought I'd get into and I am enjoying thoroughly! ”

Dan Texter

"I really like this class. I would recommend it to anyone starting to learn iOS development, because no matter if you know or don't know a programming language Paul explains things very clear. It's a nice class to take. ”

Carlos King

"I'm totally enjoying this course. Paul explains it all perfectly even I'm do not speak very good english. Do I recommend this class? YES!”

Miguel Arjona

"Hi, I recommend this class for beginners with Objective-C. It shows well the principles you need to learn to develop your basic first app. It doesn't forget that Objective-C require basics in C (knowing how pointers/memory management works and basics about programmation). Teacher is calm and speaks clearly and slowly, he explains a lot of small things that some objective-C web tutorials forget. Definitely worth it for beginners, you will learn by doing. It lacks few things for more advanced objective-C though, maybe we will see that in another course.”

Aurélien Lemesle 

"I recently began the process of learning C / Objective C / XCode for the purpose of programming an app that I came up with. I have a little programming background in Python, but knew that learning Objective C in particular was going to be very challenging. After some research, I landed on the BNR book, which I got through, although a lot of the concepts did not stick in a meaningful way the first time. I came upon Paul's course through a post on Reddit, and have been methodically going through the videos over the last couple of days. I am just about to get into the Objective-C portion this evening, so I can only comment on what I have gone through already, but Paul's approach provides a lot of clarity, even to a layperson such as myself. What I have seen so far has done a great deal to cement the concepts in my mind and I am feeling some confidence in this area for the first time. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone looking at learning to develop iOS applications. Thanks very much, and I look forward to the iOS 7 versions that you have coming up.”

Christian Wiseman

"Absolutely fanstastic. It's about time there was a high quality class available online to learn about iPhone app development. Definitely would recommend!”

Dot Fuz

"This class is great! For anyone looking to get a jump in learning iOS and/or Objective-C, this is the perfect class to pick up. Paul is very knowledgable on the topic, is patient, and just wants to help you learn. Great job, Paul!”
Brett Eliel 
Great teacher! Very hands on and very descriptive. I've looked around on the internet for many other classes and ways of learning to start iOS programming, but they've always skipped right over Objective-C. They assumed that you had already known how to write Objective-C, but most people don't know how to write Objective-C. Being that iOS is entirely based of the Objective-C language it is very crucial to learn Objective-C. Paul does a great job of explaining the basic and then moving on to slightly more advanced topics. This isn't at all an advanced course, but it offers the best starting point for iOS development that I have found so far. Also the set up of the class was very nice. I like that I didn't have to take this class as it was being taught live. Having to work a full-time job I never would have been able to sit done for about an hour and a half every night to catch up with were the rest of the class was at, so post-live view was a great help. Overall, if someone asked me where they could start to learn how to program iOS apps, I would point them to this class EVERY time. Thank you so much Paul Solt for teaching me how to get started developing iPhone apps and can't wait to see your iOS 7 class come out this fall.”

Colton Boeckman 

"Paul is very clear and his voice is pleasant to listen to. This is important to me as it makes online classes more acceptable. This is a good course.”
Sam Lau
"Clear and concise concepts which makes this class easy to grasp especially for someone who has no prior experience in programming!”

Riaz Latib 

"Great video walk thru's Paul is quite thorough in his walk thru of what you need to do. While he can't answer questions live, that's what the community board is for, so you really do get an opportunity to have him 'hand hold' you thru the process of getting an exposure to XCODE and OBJECTIVE C. What is not made clear, and needs to be expressly pointed out ahead of time is that you must MUST MUST MUST MUST (one more time with feeling) M U S T purchase a copy of “Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide” and read it. Mind you Paul re-iterate these same ideas that the book talk about. The book goes into depth whereas paul makes that same material a little bit more accessible. You'd think, why on earth would you need Paul if the book is going to do the same thing ? Simple, there is something to be said for walking you thru the process of coding with Objective C. It is a tedious little language with lots of twists and turns that you otherwise wouldn't know about had you not been watching paul's videos. So I strongly recommend you spend time with both!”

Miles Tangos 

"The tutorials are great step by step no-nonsense learning. Paul provides excellent support and this class is a steal of a deal at the current price.”
Chris Smith-Hill