3 - The Creative Person Podcast - How to start your online business

Paul Solt from The Creative Person Podcast

Learn how I made $3,690.48 in January 2015 from my online course on UseFedora.com (PS use this special link to help me out).

You'll also get Paul's background on starting his own business and how much money he made after he stopped working for Apple and Microsoft in 2009.

Listen to discover how you can earn side income to kickstart your ideas.

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1. Tyler's question on starting a business

Tyler is at the beginning stage of starting his company. He doesn’t know programming and he is curious to learn, but his focus is on a real product.

I am making ties and will start selling them online this summer. What inspired you to take the leap to start your own business? -Tyler

Paul's response - starting a business and taking the plunge

What's Paul's background and motivation?

  1. My dad had his own company

  2. Grandfather was successful businessmen, networker, and story teller in NJ

  3. I have always wanted to make things (games + programs) 

  4. I don’t like working for someone else (or lacking input in strategy/direction/product)

  5. I want to be creative


  1. Use squarespace.com to setup a commerce site (accept CC/payments and track orders) -clean design for $24/m: http://blog.squarespace.com/blog/squarespace-commerce-is-here (or etsy.com)

  2. Friends and family might help – don’t count on it. When I started I had two friends who supported my ideas (everyone else said get a real job including my mom).

  3. I mitigate risk by working hard and changing directions (more quickly than I used to)

  4. I stayed a “professional student” and worked the benefits to get off the ground (won $2,000 at business competitions)

  5. I hate business plans – use 1-2 pages to describe what you want to do – it’s going to change a ton.

2. Oliver’s question on running an app focused business

Oliver found my post on reddit about how much I made from some of my apps and how much I spent on Bomb Dodge (over $7k). He's interesting in quitting his job (has quit) and wants to take up blogging, apps, ebooks, and online courses.

Can you shed light on the success you had? Have you ever thought of posting income reports like smartpassiveincome.com? -Oliver

Paul's response - passion, perseverance, and lack of money

I made around $20-30k my first few years – hard to live on without my girlfriend’s support (another topic I plan on diving into).

Trying a lot of things and seeing what sticks is what you have to do to succeed. I've been doing this for 4-5 years (I didn't graduate so I could work on apps). I've had success on Kickstarter and I've lived off credit cards to get by.

It's really passion, perseverance, and realizing that I have no money that pushed me to where I am. I'm still not out of the woods yet, but things are looking good.

UseFedora.com made me $3,690.48 in January 2015

UseFedora.com (*) is where you should start (Udemy.com but no guarantees on income or customer emails: i.e.: Udemy owns your customer and communication channel). I made $3,690.48 from my iPhone app courses in January 2015. I highly recommend them, it's free to start (I pay for a lower transaction fee because it makes so much money!).

(*) Please use this link to signup for a free account for your first course. You can make easy money by teaching something you already know (PS I made $47k on Kickstarter by using an iPhone 5 camera ... PPS They do a 10% deal which is 5% lower than my starting "beta" level at the same price!)

Writing habits

If you want to write, you need to start today. Make it a habit.  Write first thing for 10 minutes every day – even if your first day is planning what you want to be writing about the next day.

I've been doing push-ups every day. Today I did 42 – I started at 10 and I've been adding one more each day.

Email list and customer emails

Build an email list starting today with MailChimp. Without an audience no one is going to buy what you have to sell.

Be honest and open (that's what I'm doing and trying to do more of)

Don't quit without a plan (or money in the bank)

I don't recommend quitting your job and doing what I do without trying it first. However, I do recommend quitting a job that you don't love (find a new one). 

It's hard, there's ups and downs. There's a lot of negative Nancy's but you just keep going. Haters gonna hate.

Paul's Income in 2013 and 2014

I have thought about posting income (I just don't have time to format it yet and figure it all out) last year I made ~$81k and this year I think I broke $100k. It's a lot of hustling and 100% constant learning (reading books is a requirement – book list coming soon – reply if you want to know). 

Pre-sell your creative projects on Kickstarter.com

Click to learn How to run a Kickstarter project

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2 - The Creative Person Podcast - $19,000 Apple Watch, Apple Research, and Fan-less Macbook

The Creative Person Podcast with Paul Solt

Apple dropped some HUGE announcements today at the March 9th 2015 Event. Listen to the Creative Person Podcast and learn about the most important announcements – you'll get insight on the Apple Watch + band pricing!

Learn about the big announcements for Apple TV, HBO, Apple Pay vending machines, ResearchKit, Fan-less Macbook, Macbook Air + Macbook Pro 13" updates, Apple Watch details, Apple Watch pricing, and launch dates!


  • Dropped price on AppleTV from $99 to $69 ($49)
    • Standalone streaming service
    • Apple is exclusive partner on launch
    • $14.99/m (April subscribe = first month free!)
    • Past/present/future + blockbuster movies
  • Tim Cook: Just the beginning - more to come with Apple TV

Apple Pay

  • 6 banks to 2,500 banks
  • 700,000 locations accepting Apple Pay (3 months later)
  • Coca Cola vending machines (40,000 in US and will be100,000 by end of year)


  • Buy an iPhone/Apple Watch and support medical research to help others
  • Parkinson’s Disease (gait and balance test - exercise might prevent/stall the disease)
  • Breast Cancer, Asthma, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Parkinson’s Disease
  • 5 apps to help with diseases/test yourself
  • Open Source
  • April 2015


  • Reinvented the notebook (less ports, lighter, thinner, better battery, no fans)
  • Weight: 920g (2.03lbs = 2.1 iPad Airs)
  • Height: 0.14 - 0.52 inches (3.5 - 13.1 mm)
  • 3 colors: Gold, Silver, and Space Gray

Macbook Highlights

  • New keyboard, trackpad, better batteries, lightest Mac, energy efficient retina display, and new reversible power/data connector (USB-C)
  • Pricing: $1299 - $1899
  • Available: April 10th Shipping (no pre-order?)

Macbook Air + Macbook Pro 13” Updates

  • Upgrade 2x flash, Thunderbolt 2, faster CPUs, battery improvements, Force Touch Trackpad on Macbook Pro 13” only
  • Shipping today

Apple Watch

  • Most advanced time piece ever created
  • Most accurate time (50ms of UTC … i.e.: never wrong)
  • Health and fitness companion
  • Customizable time faces
  • 18 hours of use (all day performance)

Apple Watch Styles

  • Anodized aluminum
  • Stainless steel and sapphire crystal
  • 18 Karat Gold

April 10th Pre-orders

  • Experience in person at retail store (try on)
  • April 24th Available to purchase

Apple Watch Pricing

  • $349/$399 for Apple Watch Sport
  • $549/$599 for Apple Watch (polished steel)
  • $1049/$1099 for Apple Watch Space Gray + links
  • $10k/$12k - $17k/$19k for Apple Watch Edition

Apple Watch Bands

  • $100 Classic Buckle, Milanese Loop, Leather Loop
  • $200 Modern Buckle
  • $400 Steel Link Bracelet
  • $500 Black Steel Link Bracelet

Research the big changes and learn more on Apple.com

What Apple Watch am I buying?

1- The Creative Person with Paul Solt

Paul Solt

I'm Paul Solt – a creative person who likes to make things and learn. 

I didn't want to be a cog in the wheel of a big company (I worked at both Apple and Microsoft) – so I started my own company around 2011.

Listen to the Podcast

My first 3 years were rocky – I was living off app sales and contract work. I survived on $20,000-$30,000 per year.

My credit card was the only way I could afford to eat while paying rent.

Over the past two years I've had a lot more success – I followed my passions and began earning money while I slept. In 2013 and 2014 I ran two incredibly successful Kickstarter projects ($95,544 from 1207 generous people).

With financial stability I was went full steam working on new iPhone app programming courses. It was hard and very challenging – the lack of feedback and human interaction was draining. I also had to be public about my success and failures to my backers. Until this past year I really struggled with a regular schedule – the downside of being a solo business owner is that you have to find the motivation and purpose to get up every morning.

Now I'm more productive than I've ever been – within the last year I've filmed over 400 videos, optimized my workflow, and my ability to manage tons of tasks and emails. I'm making leaps and strides in the right direction. My morning routines and new habits are keeping me healthy and fit for work!

I want to share my thoughts on technology, life, productivity, crowd funding, design, product reviews, Apple, programming, and business.

If I've learned anything over the past few years – it's that I don't know enough. I need to constantly be learning, reading, and improving my health, and using my mind.

What do you want to learn about?

  • Best practices for crowd funding your ideas
  • Meeting Steve Jobs in an awkward place
  • How to brew the best cup of coffee
  • How Microsoft almost threw my Macbook out the window
  • Teaching online courses to thousands
  • Working for a tech giant (Apple and Microsoft)
  • How to build an online portfolio
  • How to program if you've never programmed before
  • Hiring and managing contractors for art, writing, music, and programming
  • Product reviews and critiques on technology
  • How to improve your office ergonomics
  • Books to read for continued growth
  • How to save time with software – for business owners
  • Challenges of being an Adjunct Professor
  • Workflows that can save you time and sanity

Want to hear more?

Do you want to learn more about running a business, using technology, or empowering yourself?

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