iPhone Course Bundles for iOS 7

Learning to program iPhone apps is hard without help. I designed a new series of video-based iPhone programming tutorials and lectures to teach beginners. These online courses are something that I wish I had when I started making apps. I've learned a lot over the past four years, and I want to share my knowledge. 

I started teaching an online iPhone course through Skillshare.com with thousands of students. In July of 2013 I successfully funded my Kickstarter campaign that allowed me to work full-time on my teaching materials. You can get access to all of my online courses by backing the 13 iPhone Course Bundle. 

The course videos include both lectures and coding screencasts where I demonstrate how to write code. In the videos I highlight common problems that beginners run into, so that you can focus on turning your idea into a real iPhone app. You can follow along with my highlighted mouse in Xcode (i.e Word for programming) and you will have access to my source code for each lesson.

Beginner Courses

  1. Learn to Make iPhone Apps with Objective-C for iOS 7.0
  2. iPhone App Programming Course (Project-based Approach) 
  3. Create Custom iPhone Grid Layouts with UICollectionViews
  4. Add Multi-touch Gestures for Interactive App Experiences 
  5. Skin your iPhone App User Interface with Photoshop

Advanced Topics (Coming Soon)

  1. Creating iPad apps - customize your user interface for iPads
  2. Delight your Users with Core Animation and Bring Your App to Life 
  3. Leverage Core Graphics to Create a Polished iPhone App
  4. Enhance Images and Photos with Filters and Effects from Core Image
  5. Get in the Game with Accelerometer Input for Any App
  6. Take Your Users to Places with MapKit and Location Services
  7. Store Data in the Cloud using Web Services for Apps
  8. Communicate with Low Power Devices using Core Bluetooth (BlueTooth LE)


Course Format 

  • 5-30 minute videos
  • 1080p HD videos and high quality audio (RE-320 Microphone)
  • HiDPI text sizes (Readable on iPhone 4+ and iPad)
  • Mouse highlighting
  • Downloadable lesson PDFs and source code
  • Programming challenges and solutions 

Digital Delivery

Digital download of the courses materials and online streaming options will be available for each course as it is released.