It's easy to get overwhelmed with choices. Here are my recommendations for learning how to program apps. If you're on a budget, I have listed some cheaper Mac computers. You can always borrow a friends Mac and start making apps for very little money. Lastly, if you're a PC user there's an online service to help make apps for a low monthly fee.

Notice: Many of the products that I recommend are Amazon affiliate links, please buy books or devices using the link and support I am boot strapping this website to help you learn. 

Highly Recommended Reading

If you buy two books for iPhone development, these books are worth their weight in gold and are written for beginners. I have multiple copies of the books because they're awesome! 

Programming for Beginners

Start watching my YouTube videos on how to make apps and begin learning both Objective-C and C programming languages. Check my blog and my newsletter for updates and resources.

Recommended Mac Computers

Entry Level iPhone Development

If you have a monitor the Mac Mini is the most affordable Mac. For an all-in-one computer, get the iMac.

Recommended Starter Mac/iPhone ($948)

Basic Starter Mac/iPhone ($649)

iMac All-in-One Computers 

Paul's Desk

I need a computer that doesn't get in the way and provides mobility. The Macbook Pro Retina comes with a solid state hard drive, fast processor, and tons of RAM. These things help Xcode (Word for programming) run faster and it makes me more productive.

Required Software

  • Mountain Lion (10.8.4+) or Mavericks (10.9+)
  • Xcode 5+

Free Resources

PC Users