You can make iPhone apps even if you don't know how to read code.

Everyone starts somewhere when they learn something new. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to build iPhone apps that make hundreds of dollars a month. Apps start with an idea fueled by passion. There are lots of people who create apps to learn, to entertain, or to make an impact on the world.

App developers are people with ideas, people who want to make things, people who want to create experiences.

If you aren't passionate about your ideas, stop reading now.

I don't want to waste your time.

Brownies are great!

Building apps is like baking brownies.

Instead of mixing all the ingredients, your job is to decide if the brownies should be double chocolate, overflowing with almonds, or extra gooey.

As an app developer you don't make the brownies, you decide which ones you want and then you let the iPhone do the work. You create the recipe and then hand it off to the iPhone.

People pay money for apps. It's just like a grocery store for brownies. When you're hungry you eat, and when you want something for your iPhone you download it.

To make an iPhone app, you only need to explain what you want to see and how the app should work.

Everything is step by step.

You won't learn everything overnight, but the same is true with learning a foreign language. It takes time. It takes practice. And most importantly it takes goals fueled by passion.

If you aren't loving it, or if you don't lose track of time, or if you don't want to make side income, then iPhone apps might not be for you.

Are you afraid of someone stealing your app idea?

What's an idea worth if you can't do anything with it?

If you want to protect your ideas, wouldn't it be better to make them into something tangible that you can protect?

Building your first iPhone app is the best way to protect your idea.

Apps are expensive to create.

You could pay thousands of dollars to outsource the development of your app. Or you could learn how to make apps yourself and then you wouldn't need to worry about communicating your ideas to someone else who doesn't speak your language or lives in another timezone.

If you outsource iPhone app programming, you'll still need technical knowledge to talk with your developers, and you need to make sure your getting what you paid for.

How can you get your money's worth if you can't judge the end product?

Dennis Crowley started Foursquare, he wasn't a programmer, but he learned enough to be dangerous. If you have an app idea, then you need to learn how to become dangerous.

He must have done something right. Over 135 people work at Foursquare and they have 45+ million active users.

Maybe he's just an outlier? Look at Instagram, Occulus Rift, Microsoft, Apple Inc., and many more successful businesses.

Each company started with people who knew how to create something. They didn't have all the answers, but they were dangerous enough and could hack a prototype.

Each company grew and hired better programmers, better artists, better designers. You don't have to be the best, but you do need to acquire technical expertise to survive in the post-PC world.

Learning to program will open so many doors and it will empower you to create, to make, and to publish.

Decode the secret language that powers every iPhone

Remember when you finished your last test and wondered when you'd ever use that knowledge?

Making iPhone apps is always practical. The things that you learn always apply to what you want the app to do, or what you want the app to look like.

The first step in creating any iPhone app is learning how to communicate with the iPhone.

We use programming languages like Objective-C, C, and Swift (Apple's brand new language) to create iPhone apps. These languages come with API's (Application Programming Interfaces, i.e. free code to make your apps awesome!) that help us make apps faster and easier than ever.

This year with iOS 8, Apple is launching the brand new Xcode 6, Swift programming language, Swift Playgrounds, and 4,000 new API's for making amazing apps.

The landscape is always changing and there is always more to learn. Thankfully, you don't have to learn it all at once.

When you make an app, you break it down into parts.

If you are making the next Instagram you need to learn how to take a photo, filter a photo, share a photo, download a photo from a server, and display a list of photos to browse.

That's only the tip of the iceberg, but it gives you an idea of where to start looking.

Learn from an expert who wants to help you succeed

The internet is great, it puts so much information at our finger tips, but it doesn't always help us understand how to start.

It can be overwhelming if you search “iPhone app tutorials."

How do you decide which tutorials are the best?

How do you know which tutorials are out of date?

Where can you learn all of “the basics" that every tutorial or course talks about?

I write modern tutorials on a very popular blog: You can learn tips, strategies, and advice from making and publishing iPhone apps.

My apps have hundreds of thousands of downloads.

Over the past year I have taught thousands of people to make apps. My students are selling their apps on the App Store.

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