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I’m Paul Solt, an iPhone App Expert, who is passionate about helping you learn how to create apps and bring your ideas to life. 

As a former Apple employee, I possess a profound understanding of iPhone software, apps, and programming that not only allows me to simplify programming complicated processes, but also allows me to share my insights and skills with the motivated and dedicated students I teach.

I’ve launched two successful Kickstarter projects, have thousands of happy students in my online courses, and I published six iPhone/iPad apps that have racked up 640,606 App Store downloads. I have taught as an adjunct computer science professor at RIT, which has allowed me to further hone my skills of navigating students through whatever programming problems arise.

I’m passionate about pushing limits on smart design, new pricing structures, and branding models and love to share the knowledge I’ve learned long the way with my students. It’s incredibly rewarding for me to help others succeed, and the payoff grows with each new course I teach.

I can’t wait to continue this journey and help you begin yours as an iPhone app developer!


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Here's my favorite puppy (10 months old).